11 Jun

We watched the Ireland-Croatia football game last night in a pub in the lovely city of Galway. Things get a little rowdy around here during the games. But so much fun. Ireland lost, unfortunately, but an guy at the pub told us “we’re the Irish and we never say never! We’ll win the rest of the games” so there you have it. They call them the fighting Irish for a reason!

Galway is a medieval fishing town. Very small and pretty. I believe the population is 65,000. Extremely easy to walk around. You don’t need a map at all. I really prefer is to Dublin. We took a tour today and took lots of pictures. Tomorrow we’re going on a full day tour of the Cliffs of Moher. Really looking forward to it, and also having more pretty pictures!


Rowdy Irish after the football game


The Lynch House, home of one of the original Norse families that ruled Galway.


Inside the Protestant church


If you are familiar with these rings, this is where they came from.


An Irish lady on our tour had one. It belonged to her mother and is over 100 years old.


Christopher Columbus came here prior to discovering the new world! That's all this says.


Organ in the Catholic church


The building of the Catholic church coincided with JFK's visit to Galway, and this is a mosaic of him praying to Jesus.


River running through the city


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