A more complete update of Stuttgart…

3 Jun

My last post was lacking in substance because I was being challenged to drink as much beer as possible. Now I’m able to provide more details of my time here.

Yesterday was prom for the kids going to the American high school here. Their son went with his date and another couple. They took pictures outside of their house before dinner. Montana and I took some prom pictures ourselves because we’re awesome. Then we walked to dinner with everyone to a nearby Italian restaurant. One of the kid’s dads picked up the bill. Like I said, we’re being spoiled.

After that, we headed down the street to this fish market festival. They love American music here, and a band was playing all kinds of stuff (i.e. hang on sloopy). Lots of fun. This is where I was being heckled with “you can’t drink another beer!”

Today, they took us to Heidelberg to see this really old castle built in the 1000’s sometime. Really incredible. Some of it was destroyed by the French. Pictures below. Heidelberg is a really pretty town itself and is somewhere I would go again.

We are so appreciative that this family let us stay with them. Such a nice break from the hostels. Their kids are great and we’ve had a blast hanging out with them. We’re off to Bruges tomorrow, and we’ll miss being able to stay in an actual home.




Lighting was bad, but this is a giant wine barrel. They drank wine exclusively in the castle because they thought that water was too dirty.



Huge chunk of rock blown off by the French


View of the town from the castle. I love the mountains.


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