Detour to Budapest

1 Jun

We did not originally plan on going to Budapest, but everyone in Vienna told us we had to, and it took us only about two hours to get there by train, so off we went!

Budapest is divided by the Danube into Buda (the west) and Pest (east). We stayed in an interesting little hostel in the Pest side. Extremely cheap stay- we paid less than $10 per night. Not bad accommodations either. The cold shower was my only complaint. There was a nice little breakfast room, where we sat and talked a lot with our hostel mates in. Several Americans, whom we went out with on our first night. We went to a club called Instant which was great. It is really cheap to drink there. I paid about $2 for a decent bottle of wine. I think I spent only about $30 the entire time we were in Budapest. They use Hungarian Forints, another strange currency. 1000 forints is not quite $3.

We had an awesome time hanging out with our fellow travelers, but there was one couple there that was kind of stupid. We’ll call them domkat (inside joke). Domkat met when they were traveling once like a year ago, and fell madly in love. Then they didn’t see each other for 11 months, but met back up to travel again. She is from Canada and he’s Aussie. Now they like to just go around and brag about their long distance relationship to people who don’t care. You would think with a story like that they would be really cool people, but we were all pretty stunned by how lame they were. We literally made up awful excuses not to go out with them, and then discussed how disappointed in their personalities we were after they left. They also make really uncomfortable, passive aggressive comments to each other, so we predict they won’t last long. Poor domkat. This story is more interesting, but I really don’t know how to put it into words.

Anyway, we got up for a tour today that was very good. This was of the Buda side. I had trouble listening to the tour guide because I was so tired, but I’ll do my best to put the details in the picture captions. It was really hot today and we both are sun burnt…oops. Will remember sunscreen next time.

Right now we’re 4 hours into a 7 hour train ride to Munich where we’ll stay for a night. Tomorrow evening, we’ll go to Stuttgart where we’ll stay with my mom’s friend for a few days. Looking forward to being out of hostels for a bit! And also doing laundry…

Pictures from Budapest!


Lovers locks! Put a lock on here and throw the key into the Danube and you'll be in love forever! Saw these in other cities at well.


Lion guarding Chain Bridge. Once a little boy noticed the lions have no tongues. The architect was so upset by his mistake, so he committed suicide!




So some lady mated with a bird and started the Hungarian race... yeah, this is supposed to be the father of the Hungarian people.


gorgeous church




Hungarian forints


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