Roommate bonding in Vienna

28 May

Last night we got to know our roommates at the hostel better. Two Americans and one Swiss girl. We hung out at the bar here for a while, then we went to an area called the Bermuda Triangle where a lot of bars and clubs are. So much fun. A lot of the locals were out since it was a week night and there was a holiday here today. Really, really fun. All 3 of them had to check out today, which must have sucked because we were out so late.

Today we walked to City Hall where a festival was taking place. Not sure what it was for, but it was very similar to an American fair. Lots of little kids running around, rides, fried food, etc. Really neat. After that, we walked to the remaining buildings we missed yesterday. This is the first place we’ve been to that has a lot of trees. It’s really nice here. Already thinking about when I can come back!

Pictures, duh!


The festival with City Hall behind. Not much sun today so my pictures aren't as nice!


Live music at the festival


A rather erotic carnival game


A pastry I bought at the fair


Really pretty church


The opera!


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