We love Wien!

27 May

Oh my gosh…had a great first night in Vienna and we didn’t even leave our hostel. There is a really fun bar here with multiple specials and happy hours. And food! So we just hung out here. You can buy 4 Jagerbombs for 10 euros. Then they take the shots and set them on top of the glasses of red bull. They give you a super soaker and you shoot the first shot into the glass, which knocks the rest of the shots in. Hilariously fun. Accidentally shot one of the bartenders, so he got me back with the sprayer from the sink. Another bartender said he would take us out after his shift was over, but someone (ahem, Montana) needed to be put to bed. But a great night was had nonetheless. We’ll explore more later.

Today was spent walking around Vienna. Beautiful place with lots of parks. We want to go have a picnic tomorrow. We saw an incredible church called St. Stephen’s. Went to the castle, which I can’t remember the name of now. Pictures below! Currently enjoying happy hour at our hostel. Tonight we’ll go to an area with lots of pubs to check out.




Inside St. Stephen's. The colorful windows make everything inside so pretty.


St. Stephen's


Mozart! In a park


Really pretty gardens all around the castle


This is on top of a huge hill behind the castle. You climb this gravel pathway to get to the top. There are side trails through the surrounding woods on the way up.


View of the castle from the top of the hill. Gorgeous. The castle itself doesn't seem that old.


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