Wombats hostel is awesome, and so are Berlin pub crawls

23 May

This hostel is wonderful. Currently doing our laundry in an actual washing machine. Then we will dry it in an actual dryer. There are only 4 beds in our room, and we have our own toilet and shower in the room. It’s the little things in life.

We are staying with two Aussie guys that are about our age. They were travelling around and getting free places to stay in exchange for doing DJ gigs…until all of their shit was stolen. They told us this crazy story about how they rented a car in Milan, parked it somewhere and left for 15 minutes, came back to the window smashed in and their bags stolen. Lost their passports, laptops, DJ equipments, and all of their clothes. They had to go through this long ordeal getting replacement passports and have to write a letter of apology to Italy or something. They bought some cheap backpacks and a few new clothes so they could continue their journey. Crazy!

Berlin is not as pretty as Amsterdam and it’s a lot bigger. It is, however, so much cheaper. Beer here is half the price it was in Amsterdam. We missed the walking tour yesterday because we couldn’t find it. So instead, we went on a pub crawl!

With the pub crawls, a guide takes you around to about 5 different cool bars and clubs. You get free shots at each location, but you have to buy anything extra. I spent less than 20 euros for the whole night.

We met a couple of Brits that were also doing the crawl. One was from northern England, the other from Southern. Very different accents and personalities. The northern guy sounded almost Scottish, but the southern guy sounded more proper or something. Northern Englanders are much less concerned with being polite or dressing nicely. They like to pick on each other. Southern Englanders are referred to as “southern fairies” by the northerners, and the southerners call the northerners “northern monkeys.” They told us that Scots don’t like the English, but some of the Northerners are okay. Basically, the two of them were sort of competing with each other.

Hopefully we’ll make the walking tour today so I’ll have more pictures. I only have a few from yesterday.


Graffiti is everywhere


We found this interesting ropes course in a park somewhere...?


Funny tip jar in the bar at our hostel


The other side


Berliner! Good beer


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