Amsterdam day 2

21 May

We got lost for the first time yesterday! Walked over to where Anne Frank’s house is in west Amsterdam, then spent a few hours to try to find our way back. Discovered that the last hour of being lost was spent circling our hostel.

We decided to go on a tour of the Redlight District. This was a lot of fun and we got to meet some fellow Americans on the tour. The tour guide told us all about what it’s like buying a prostitute, how much it costs, etc. Really very interesting. Some funny things she pointed out: the transvestite alley (there are different sections of the district that have like specialty prostitutes) is located across from a chapel, and the Christian hostel is on the same alley. “Big mama” alley also houses a daycare. Children here are taught about sex at a very young age. Prostitutes that have children tell them when they’re little that “mom is selling kisses.” Families live in the district. It’s a very clean and safe area.

We went back to the Redlight later that night because our guide pointed out some bars to us. We had an awesome time and met people from all over. Europeans love to vacation here. We got back to the hostel really late, but we couldn’t sleep in because we have to check out this morning. We have a seven hour train ride to Berlin this afternoon, so we’ll nap then.

Some pictures from our tour:


Sign for a condom shop. They sell novelty condoms here. And they size men for a small fee.


novelty condoms


Drag queens! This was on the street with lots of gay bars. They let us take a picture with them, but Montana has it.


One of the oldest sex shops


The Prostitute Information Center!


2 Responses to “Amsterdam day 2”

  1. katelyn! May 21, 2012 at 6:13 AM #

    Yayay! I LOVE THIS! And it makes me feel better about u being alive lol amsterdam looks amazing and so interesting! Jealous! You guys have a safe train ride and i cant wait to see and hear more! Xoxox

    • Tiffany Akers May 22, 2012 at 5:03 PM #

      Your blog needs a “like” button. I love everything about this!!

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