Amsterdam day 1

19 May

Came to the unfortunate realization last night that it takes a really, really long time for clothes to air dry. Washed our clothes on the ferry last night and they are STILL wet. It made our bags extremely heavy, and a pain to carry around during the commute from Hoek van Holland to Amsterdam. But we made it here and it’s awesome!

We walked all over central Amsterdam today. I don’t know the names of most of these buildings because we weren’t really looking for the historical stuff. Just looking around the town because it is so cool. This is so different from anywhere I’ve ever been. Amsterdam is small- we can get to all of the popular areas with just a short walk from our hostel. We found the Red Light District without trying to. Huge culture shock. In addition to the prostitutes, there are live sex shows EVERYWHERE. They just look like a cinema, but with a bouncer stationed at the entrance.

People mostly ride bikes to get around. Also, there is a extensive canal system made up of several concentric half circles through the city. Boats are going constantly.

I don’t like this hostel as much as the one in London. A lot more people stay here. We’re in a room with 20 beds. The bathroom is a bit dirty. There is no real common room like we had in London. That one was a bit more home-like. But here, it is much easier to go to and from the hostel since everything is so close. We don’t feel the need to stay here for long periods of time.

Pictures from today!



Other people that were a part of the Buddha Ceremony







We bought dessert at this place because they gave us vouchers for the champagne




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