London day 2

17 May

Got a good night’s sleep last night, but exhausted once again! Last night we met a couple of older Brits that are here on business. They are staying at our hostel. One of them kindly explained cricket to us. They wanted to take us out dancing, but we couldn’t find where to go. They told us about these events they go to that start out with a dance lesson, then you dance with everyone there throughout the night. Said if anything else, we’d have a “bloody good laugh.” We’re sad that we didn’t find the place, but they may take us tonight. They left, so me and Montana went to the bar connected to our hostel and had a beer. They played lots of electronic music that I recognized, so I was happy. We were already tired, so that beer knocked us out.

After lots of sleep, we went out today and walked our legs off. Saw London Tower, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, Monument Tower, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Shakespeare’s Globe. Pictures from the day are below. We also made our way over to Oxford Street, where there is lots of shopping. I forgot a belt, so I bought one here for pretty cheap.

Completely exhausted, we may our way back to the hostel during rush hour, which really sucked. Now we’re just relaxing in the common room. We’re waiting to see if our Romanian roommate comes back because we think he wants to hang out with us. I can’t even begin to spell his name. We acquired 4 other roommates since yesterday. Haven’t seen much of them.

Check out these pictures!


Tower Bridge


Tower of London


I'm in a phone booth!


Monument Tower. This was in remembrance of the 1966 fire that destroyed much of the city. We climbed all 311 steps and got a certificate for it!


Proof that we went up the tower! Unfortunate fencing all around.


Entrance to Southwark Cathedral. Inside was beautiful, but no pictures allowed. There were tombs everywhere with a statue of the person on top. There is a stain glass window in memorial of John Harvard, founder of Harvard University.


Outside of Shakespeare's Globe


St. Paul's Cathedral. Once again, no pictures allowed inside, but it was absolutely incredible.


Millennium Bridge

They just told us they are too tired to go dancing :(. Oh well, we’ll find something to do! Tomorrow, we’ll go further west and see things like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


One Response to “London day 2”

  1. Michelle Cull May 18, 2012 at 8:15 AM #

    Fantastic pictures! Look forward to seeing more of your journey. It makes me miss London though!

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